Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hitchiti Experiment Forest Lab

File:Wild ginger leaves.jpg
This is the wild ginger plant. 
Wild Ginger is an Asarum.  The plant creeps across the ground like most ground coverers and tastes and smells similar to ginger.
This is a picture of decomposing leaf litter from the forest.
When leaves fall in a forest they pile up on one another making a thick layer of dead decomposing leaves.  As the leaves trap water and organisms begin to make their homes in the decaying matter, the leaf litter turns into fertile soil that the next year’s seedlings will begin their lives in.  The leaf litter soil is very fertile and makes a great place for a sapling to plant itself in. 
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This is a southern Pine Beetle
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This is the damage done to a piece of bark by a Southern Pine Beetle :(  They have the capacity to take out a forest of Pine Trees in a catastrophic event for the Pine Tree.  The beetles bore into the wood and leave these small holes; the damage done will kill the tree.  The Pines in close proximity to an infected Pine will most likely suffer the same fate as their neighbor.

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