Friday, November 12, 2010

Aquatic Critters


 These are a type of phytoplankton that is a dinoflagellat.  They are marine dwellers that have two tail like whips, which is where their names came from.   Their scientific name was derived from the “Latin terms: dinos for rotation and flagellum for little whip. “
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This is a zooplankton.  It is also a marine animal that can live in both fresh and salt water.  They are surrounded by an exoskeleton that is nearly transparent.

Aquatic Macrophyte


Pistia stratiotes

This is an aquatic macrophyte. It is a floating plant commonly known as water lettuce.  They float on the top of the water and are not attached to the ground.


File:MC Rotfeuerfisch.jpg

Pterois antennata

This is a fish commonly known as the clown fish.  It has venom in its spin fins that is uses for protection.  It is an amazing example of a unique saltwater fish.


European Lobster

This is a crustacean that is a Nephropidae, commonly known as a lobster.  This is eaten daily and is delicious with butter.  The live mostly on the ocean floor, but can swim as well as crawl.


File:Blue Whale 001 body bw.jpg

Adult blue whale

This is a marine mammal.  Its scientific name is Balaenoptera musculus.  It is the largest mammal ever known to exist. 

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