Friday, October 22, 2010

Mitochondrial Eve

When people migrated away from Africa to the different climates around the world several of them evolved to fit their new location.  Essentially characteristics that helped a person survive in that climate were more likely to show up in the offspring that were genetically successful and would multiply with the success of that trait.  Features that did not aid in the survival of the organism would likely disappear like the pigment in the skin and hair of the northern people.  Soon the physical appearance of the human race will go back to a more centralized look as a result of globalization.  The physical appearances will again begin to resemble Mitochondrial Eve. 
This is an image of what Mitochondrial Eve could look like.  She has dark hair, eyes , and a medium pigment in her skin

This is an image of a northern person who lived in the arctic region where there was little sun and no need for pigment in the skin, eyes, or hair
This is an image of an individual descended from northern dwellers where there was little sun and no need for pigment in the skin, eyes, or hair
This is a picture of a historic northern African who has a thin bones structure and is relatively tall
This is a picture of a historic southern African who is more compact and muscular with dense bones.
This is a picture of someone with Asian descent who has similar pigmentation to those of Native American origin like this person and Hispanic people like this woman.  Both these people are in climates similar to that of Mitochondrial Eve and as such look similar to how she may have looked in accordance to hair, skin, and eye color, yet they look completely different in their more refined features.  This proves that even evolution can make some people have similar obvious features but still allow them to look remarkably different.   

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